(2017-2021) D3Plot is a web-app remake of a legacy C program called Histoscope written at Fermilab in the 90s. It sports 9 reusable widgets and plots data either from files (.csv,.tsv) or multiple online sources via websockets sources. Click here for representative live online 1D-Histogram widget example with code.

(2015-2016) Custom CMS and interactive GIS website for Guyana Protected Areas Commission. Uses Django, Python, MySQL, Openlayers, ThreeJS, JQuery and Bootstrap.

(2018) Crypto-currency ticker and depth chart using the GDAX API. Click here for live online example with code.

(2017-2020) This is a new version of TuxMathScrabble called Neon Tux. Dynamic SVG graphics under development are controlled by D3js and inspired by the neon lights of the Riviera Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

(2017-2018) A reusable d3js web tool for editing SVG graphics.

(2017,2020) ColorMyWorld is a geography scavenger hunt game developed for the Sugarizer platform. Version 1.0 was released on May 16 2018 and can be downloaded from Google, Amazon, iTunes and others. Click here to try live online example (Sugarizer version). Click here to try latest GitHub version with D3js Color Sequence Tool.

(2017) A reusable d3js web tool for generating color sequences.

(2012-2018, 2020-2021) Parent interface of Credit-Feeder website, part of Project NetDispenser, an edu-kiosk which has kids earn their internet access by completing educational activities. Click here for more details.

(2015-2016) Cyber-security application developed using D3js, Openlayers and Bootstrap. The plotting functionalities are now handled by the new D3Plot widgets. See video portfolio for more.

(2008) The silicon calorimeter of the OASIS experiment with a physically accurate GEANT4 proton event overlaid. OASIS = Orbiting Astrophysical obServatory In Space.

(2006) Simulation and visualization of passive camera system using cosmic-ray atmospheric muons to detect nuclear contraband. The muons are deflected when they traverse super-dense, high-Z material. Crossed planes of scintillating fiber optics enables localization of the material within, say, a semi truck. This is the same technique recently used to discover new rooms in Egyptian pyramids. C++, OpenSceneGraph, Motif, wxWidgets, Python.

(2006) Simulated proton event traversing crossed planes of scintillating optic fibers in a muon tracking system. C++, GEANT4, OpenSceneGraph (OpenGL).

(2007) Integration of incompatible C++ toolkits: OpenSceneGraph, GEANT4, X-Windows, wxWidgets. Prototype work for muon camera system control application.

(2007-2008) Real-time 3D ray-traced Navier-Stokes smoke. C++ and OpenSceneGraph (OpenGL)

(2007-2008) Real-time Navier-Stokes 3D smoke with OpenSceneGraph (OpenGL) rendered as particle system. Validated physics.

(2009) MIDI Sight Reading Trainer written in Java using the Java MIDI API. Scrolls notes and plays them when they pass under the red line. Also facilitates exploration of correspondence between piano keyboard and guitar neck. Scrolls both piano notes and guitar tabs. Shown here as Java Applet in the browser. Also runs as Jython.

(2006) Python word game using over 50 language[i]-language[j] dictionaries and featuring animated Tux (Linux mascott) penguins. Sister application to TuxMathScrabble. Shown here playing with the Greek-English dictionary.